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Many people are not familiar with bail bonds until they get arrested, or either their loved ones. We receive multiple questions from clients at Brian Ramos Bail Bonds regarding details and more information about our services. Our services provided in Los Angeles, CA, is no money down bail bonds. Read on to see how we facilitate this sort of bail bond.

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Although bail bonds help to ensure that you or your loved one is returning to court as scheduled, it is not guaranteed that bail is issued by the judge. If fact, the court can set the bail sum too high, you may need to obtain assistance from a bail bond agent to post your bail. Brian Ramos Bail Bonds give Los Angeles residents 1% down on bail bonds, which simply means you only pay one percent down.

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If you are arrested, or your dear one, then get out of the jail through bail. Bail can be set at various sums ranging from $1,000 to $100,000 or even more. Some people have a lot of money available to spend while others can not spend that much. Bail bonds allow you to pay just 10 percent of the bail sum to secure release. Also, raising the 10 percent down payment, however, can be costly as it is an unplanned expense. Brian Ramos Bail Bonds supports the clients by providing 2 percent down bail bonds to them.

What are “No Money Down” Bail Bonds?

Most bail bond agents require you to pay them a fee to post bail on your behalf or behalf of a loved one. The price is typically a fraction of the total bail amount (10% in California). After you pay the fee and sign the collateral, the bail bonds firm takes responsibility for the amount of the bail.

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How Do 1% Down Bail Bonds Work?

Bail bond brokers take a commission from a premium to post bail, which is a fee paid to execute a bail bond. When you apply to have a bail bond posted on your behalf, you can negotiate the bail bond payment. When you discuss the contract, the bail bonds firm would ask you to be truthful and honest about your current financial situation. Brian Ramos Bail Bonds will establish a suitable payment schedule that will work in your favor.

What is the 2% Down Bail Bond?

The 2 percent bail bonds are a payment plan which requires you to deposit only 2% of the total bail. This functions as a form of credit that helps you to secure release when the regular 10 percent fee can not be raised. When you’re free, you or the cosigner will pay the installments if the remaining amount, or as decided. You also have to add collateral to protect the risk to the bail agent.

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Brian Ramos Bail Bonds is my trusted go-to when a client or their family call needing help bonding out of jail fast.
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Brian Ramos the best bail bond I recommend. My family’s been with Brian Ramos for over 5 years we look at them like family.
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I have always found Brian Ramos to be quick to go to the jail and arrange a release for my clients.
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Contact us today at (213) 271-7509 to speak with one of our agents and get the bail bond that’s most convenient for your situation.