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Our bail bondsmen have bailed out thousands of people for over 12 years. We are famous for having the bail bondsmen who know the judiciary very well. We appreciate your needs, and we will endeavor to meet your standards. We give a *No Down Money Bail Bonds & No Collateral Need!

Mission & Vision Brian Ramos Bail Bonds is well-known for providing high-quality services. Any time you need us, whether it’s at night, on holidays, or weekends, any time 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, we’re working around the clock and can be there whenever your need. If you would like to arrange bail by email, by telephone, or even by fax, we would be pleased to welcome you wherever possible. The doors to our office are always open for you to visit us.

You get to talk to a live agent while you’re calling our office. We don’t deal with your call and messages though messages or answering machines. We’ve been working hard to establish a constructive working relationship with our clients, some of the region’s most excellent criminal defense lawyers, judges, law enforcement officials, and court clerks.

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The Process

Client Information To build confidence and trust among our clients, Brian Ramos Bail Bonds offer free consultation services. Get information regarding bail number, costs, court dates, location, and warranty information all over just a free phone call.

Signature Release

Bail just made it quick! Post bail, with a signature only. Financed by 0%, Brian Ramos Bail Bonds offers payment options customized to your funding needs.

Local Bail Bonds

We take pride in our bail agents being able to perform a wide variety of tasks. By that, we are saying that any kind of bail you need is available through our services. Brian Ramos Bail Bonds has more than 12 years of experience in writing bonds in all surrounding counties and throughout California.

Bail Bonds Made Easy

Brian Ramos Bail Bonds provides timely, confidential, and straightforward service. In the comfort of your own house, arrange bail right on your smartphone. Call today and get your bail bond approved and posted in minutes. Bail arrangements have never been so simple. Call now and speak to a polite licensed agent!

Why Brian Ramos Bail Bonds?

12 Year Experience of brianramosbailbonds

12 Year Experience

Brian Ramos Bail Bonds have over 12 years of experience in the bail bond market. Over 12 years of experience qualify us as one of the expert professionals in the field. We help you in getting bail bonds. Our main focus is to make bail process as quick and easy as possible.

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No Hidden Fees

We don’t charge even a penny extra from our clients. Hidden fees are terrible for customers. This is because they are concealed inside the bail-bond deal. At Brain Ramos Bail Bonds, hidden charges are not something our clients have to worry about.

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Qualitative Service

Our licensed bail bondsman will assist you with all the conditions of your bail bonds with ensured quality service. Beyond that, we will arrange an attorney for you on your demand. Every one of our clients is treated with concern, gratitude, and honesty.

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Covering California

We work exclusively with a wide variety of attorneys from across California for criminal defense. Our experienced bail bondsmen will assist you with top-notch services. Brian Ramos Bail Bonds will help if you need a Surety Bond, Immigration Bail Bond, or a Bail Bond, criminal, or traffic.

What Happens After an Arrest?

pocketoption After an arrest, the prisoner has to be kept in the county jail or nearby city jail. The defendant then goes through the booking process, including:
  • Identity Proof
  • Fingerprints
  • Mug shot or snapshot
  • Formal charges
  • Interrogation
  • Screening bail
The suspect’s personal belongings are also cataloged and kept, thus leaving the suspect with no access to cellphones, money, or credit cards. It takes about 2 to 5 hours to complete this booking process.
brianramosbailbonds What Happens After an Arrest
since 1986 LA

Acquiring a Bail Bond

The defendant’s parent, prosecutor, acquaintance, or the defendant him/herself contacts a bail bond service. Bail services only start after the process of arrest and booking is complete. The bail bond agency will then begin by collecting necessary information reflecting the situation of the defendant. In most cases, bondmen may ask some questions to determine the danger involved, such as where the prisoner is being detained, where their place of employment is, how long they have been there, what are the charges, etc. If the bail bond firm decides that the Bailee will not face the risk of appearing on the set in court and there are no government assets on the defendant, then the bail bond will be made available for buy. The buyer would have to sign a bail bond application form, a bail indemnity agreement, and receipt projects.


Brian Ramos Bail Bonds is my trusted go-to when a client or their family call needing help bonding out of jail fast.
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Brian Ramos the best bail bond I recommend. My family’s been with Brian Ramos for over 5 years we look at them like family.
John Milson
I have always found Brian Ramos to be quick to go to the jail and arrange a release for my clients.
Ben Lourenson

Contact us today at (213) 271-7509 to speak with one of our agents and get the bail bond that’s most convenient for your situation.